Communication is key.

The key to collaboration.
To unlocking the potential of your team.

Let us help you bring everyone to a common place.

Communication and collaboration.
Unlocking the door to change, innovation and capability.

Welcome to the Common Place

We can help you with advice to help solve your communication and collaboration challenges and set you up for success.


Let us help you develop a strategy to get you where you want to be — to create better collaboration, communication and change in your organisation.


Our range of training programs will help you to increase your team’s skills in collaboration, change, and working with stakeholders.


Manners@Work is an initiative to bring courtesy, kindness and etiquette back into today’s workplaces to help us all work together in harmony and with common purpose.

About us

About Us

Common Place Communication is a boutique agency specialising in advice, strategy and training to help organisations get the best outcomes through collaboration. Working in both government and private sector, Common Place Communication brings expertise, experience and know-how to solving your communication and collaboration dilemmas.

Let us help you bring everyone to a common place.
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Do I say something?

Dear Manners@Work, I’ve been in my current job for about two years and I enjoy it. I get along well with my boss and I like the company I work for. Recently, there was a reshuffling of seating and I’ve been placed in a pod with a couple of new people. One of them does design work and it’s clear that he’s doing work for his own business while in the office.

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Let us help you bring everyone to a common place.

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