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Advice and facilitation

We can help you with advice to help solve your communication and collaboration challenges and set you up for success.  

  • We work with leaders in change, communication, engagement to provide advice and support on how to achieve organisational goals around collaboration and engagement.  
  • We work with project teams to create strategies to support projects, big and small.
  • We prepare communication and engagement strategies for stakeholders both internal and external – including community engagement strategies for infrastructure projects. 
  • We facilitate groups and meetings to create shared understandings of goals, objectives and outcomes. 


Common Place Communication is proud to be a delivery partner with the Agile Change Leadership Institute for the Change Pick’n’Mix program. 

Common Place Communication is also about to launch its brand new Busting Silos program, specifically designed to break down organisational boundaries and teach individuals how to interact better with key stakeholders. Stay tuned for more information on Busting Silos, coming soon! 



With more than 25 years’ experience in developing communication and engagement strategies for government and private sector, Common Place Communication can help you with providing a strategy that will work for you. Our approach is to design a workable program of work that you can execute to deliver the results you’re looking for. And we’re happy to help with any stumbles along the way. 

Let us help you with building a strategy to: 

  • introduce new ideas within your organisation – whether a new project, concept or way of working 
  • bring disparate teams and/or organisations together to work cohesively to deliver shared outcomes
  •  communicate and engage with stakeholders and the community interested in and impacted by your project
  • creative strategy to bring people to a common place of understanding  


Melissa has been mentoring communication and engagement practitioners for more than 15 years. She typically takes on a mentee for 12 months, working with them on their technical skills, leadership capability and career development. Melissa positions herself as a mentor rather than a ‘coach’ as she has specific requirements for those she takes on as a mentor. 

Melissa typically offers one pro-bono mentoring opportunity per year, but paid mentoring is available. Contact us if you’d like to discuss further. 

“At a fork in the road in my career development, I was introduced to Melissa Dark. Her mentoring equipped me with skills and tools I have taken forward through my career and which I use to this day.”
“It has been a real privilege to be mentored by Melissa over the past six months. Melissa challenges my thinking and supports me to communicate more effectively within my team and across the business. Melissa’s mentoring style is creative and compelling.”
“Melissa coached me on strategic planning, executive presence, and visual communications, enabling me to deliver a crisp, engaging strategic communications plan to my CEO. Melissa’s mastery of the communications domain is beyond compare and I would recommend her services to anyone looking to up-level their communications game.”

Let us help you bring everyone to a common place.

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